As worldwide automation specialists, we deliver an integrated suite of services to satisfy the demands of your industry. Creating bespoke technological solutions and delivering the training and skilled personnel you need to make your project succeed.


Food and Beverage

Raising efficiency in the manufacture and packaging of consumable goods.


Innovative robotics and controls for this complex and fast-moving industry.


Powering productivity with hard-working solutions for extractive operations.


Robotics and software for efficiency and compliance in medicine manufacture.

Oil and Gas

Innovative digital controls for drilling and monitoring in fuel extraction plants.


Supporting this high-tech field with precision manufacturing technology.

Materials Handling

Efficient solutions for logistics in fields such as manufacturing and distribution.

Life Sciences

Cutting-edge automation to facilitate progress in medicine and biotech.

Energy Production

Control, safety and automation for power plants and renewable sectors.

Why Work with Valknut?

Skills Integration

We bring together top specialists from a diverse range of disciplines, including engineering, IT, robotics and electrical design. So your project works smoothly as a single, coherent partnership.

World-Class Experience

Valknut's personnel bring skills developed through training and working with the world's biggest engineering brands, including BMW, Boeing, Jaguar Land Rover and Airbus.

Exceptional Talent

We settle for nothing less than excellence. Whether you're calling us to deliver engineering innovation, systems training or recruitment and consultancy, you'll get quality, consistently.

Cost Efficiency

Our automated solutions drive down the cost savings in your industry. And thanks to our integrated project-based approach, there's no need for subcontracting, so you'll save on implementation too.

Global Reach

With offices in the UK, US and South Africa - and projects successfully completed in multiple countries - Valknut is ready to deliver automation excellence anywhere in the world.

Integrity and Transparency

Valknut is synonymous with the highest standards of professionalism. We have earned an international reputation as trusted providers of automation, training and workforce services.