Expert partnering and specialist personnel to elevate your automated operations. With a wealth of experience in guiding organisations’ automation solutions, Valknut offer a complete package of technical skills and business support. From providing specialist teams of engineers and ICT experts to advising on your commercial decision-making, we can drive success for your automation project.

Our Consulting Solutions

Contract Recruitment

We can supply the workforce required to fulfil the specific demands of your automation project. Mobilising teams on a temporary basis, we supply the skills and capacity you need on a contract basis. This brings flexibility and efficiency while achieving your project goals.

Permanent Recruitment

Our recruitment experts can source the talented personnel you need to boost your business. With our in-depth knowledge of the complex needs of the automation sector, and access to a network of quality professionals, we source the best people to enrich your team.

Managed Vendor Service

Let us take the strain of organising staff for your automated operation. Our managed service takes a strategic approach to appointing the right people to the right roles. This arrangement can reduce the costs and complication of projects.

Compliance Management

The regulatory requirements of automation are numerous and often complex. Our experienced consultants have their fingers on the pulse of the industry. So we can advise on compliance for processes, machinery and personnel - protecting your team and the reputation of your business.

On-Site Support

Valknut can provide a genuine presence on location during the commissioning of your automation project. Overseeing the day-to-day development of your systems, our hands-on consultation service brings the expertise and specialist input it takes to deliver a successful outcome.

Business Consultancy

With extensive experience not only in the technical aspects of automation but in its commercial implications too, we can offer bespoke, targeted business advice. This can be instrumental in choosing the right automation solutions and implementing them in a way which is economically viable.

Proven Outcomes

We have over ten years' experience in supplying and managing teams for automation projects. These have been in diverse sectors across multiple locations around the world. So whatever your project goals and business context, our track record shows that we can deliver the outcomes you need.

Comprehensive Expertise

Our consultancy spans the disparate elements at play in the automated industries. We bring together know-how from across the fields of engineering, ICT and project management, driving your project as one cohesive whole. This means no need for further outsourcing, bringing you efficiency and cost saving.

Access the Best Talent

Building your team with proficient personnel is central to the success of your operations. Whether it's temporary project recruitment or permanent staff appointments, Valknut can source the ideal person for the job. In an industry where often rare, specialist skills are called for, our experienced recruitment team can supply the expertise you demand.

Exceptional Professional Standards

Our service is synonymous with integrity and quality. From meeting legal industry regulations to designing innovative technological solutions, we're known for the high standards we uphold. So whatever your automated operations demand, and whatever the industry context, you can trust Valknut to deliver.

Where We've Worked

Valknut have supplied high-level automation consultancy for clients around the world. We have built our experience through projects in a diverse range of settings in North America, the UK, Mexico, Canada, Brazil, Europe, Africa and Asia.